Zero Zero - Le Naturel Tinto NA

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Le Naturel Zero Zero alcohol-free wine allows you to be your true self. This red blend is a refreshing and pleasant non-alcoholic wine with balanced acidity, providing the freshness and liveliness so characteristic of the Garnacha variety. Boasting all the flavor, aroma, and texture of a good quality wine without a single drop of alcohol, it is ideal for athletes, mothers, or anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle. Made from the top-quality grape varieties manually harvested at the last week of September. 

0.0% ABV 

750 ml  

Tasting notes: 

Hints of spice along with berries lends freshness and delight. Fresh red fruits, notes of compote, liqueur cherries, spicy nuances, with sweet, remarkable structure, but very well integrated. 

Pair with white meat, salad, and vegetables.