Brigaldara - Soave 2021

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For our Soave we only employ one grape variety: Garganega. A large sparse bunch and a medium-sized berry are the typical features of this autochthonous variety of the eastern part of Verona. Through selective cryoextraction - a partial freezing of the grapes - we preserve the natural aromas and flavours of the grape and prevent oxidation, bringing in the glass all the aromatic potential of the fresh Garganega grapes. Other important elements to enhance the varietal aromatic components are: the microclimate of the bunch and the temperature of fermentation - always kept below 14° C.

Grape variety Garganega 100%

Marcellise (150-200 mt/a.s.l.)

Training system Pergola Veronese

Planted area 2 ha

Year of planting 1980

The grapes are hand-harvested during the second half of September

The grapes are selected in the vineyard and placed in 25kg-crates. During vinification, temperature is always kept under control.

Aging 6 months in steel

pH 3.33

Dry extract 21.9 g/L

Sugar residue 2.2 g/L

Alcohol content 13%

Tasting notes
Fresh and fruity wine with notes of chamomile, peach and citrus, in which acidity plays an important role. Clean, medium-long finish.