Bo's Merlot 2014

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The second in our series of Private Label. This big-boy California Merlot is made for us by winemaker Marcus Hall of Rainsong. It is perfect for those who love a big, bold and fruity wine. At this price it's a steal!

The Merlot was picked September 16, 2014 from the Sacramento Valley, but the wine was made at RainSong. It was produced in 1 1/2 ton open top fermenters, punched down by hand, and fermented on the skins until dry for about two weeks. The wine is unfiltered, and saw some new oak. The total time in neutral oak barrels was about two years. The rest of the time it has been in a steel tank. Below are some stats.


                                Brix        25.2

                                pH          3.62

                                TA           .55g/100ml

                                Primary Fermentation Yeast       Enoferm Syrah


                                Alcohol 15.4%

                                pH          3.61

                                TA           .54g/100ml