Gulfi - Rossojbleo 2022

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Gulfi Rossojbleo is an organic red wine made with the Nero d'Avola variety by the Gulfi winery in the DOC Sicilia.

Gulfi lies on the slopes of Etna, on the east coast of Sicily.. This family winery was built between 2007 and 2011, although the vineyards have been passed down from generation to generation with the same purpose: making wines that fully express the place they come from. To do this, they use ancient, biodynamic and non-invasive techniques, both in cultivation and winemaking.

Gulfi Rossojbleo is made with vines grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides in the vineyard. Planted on calcareous clay soil 450 metres above sea level, they are planted at a density of 8,900 vines per hectare. The vineyard is not irrigated with the aim of achieving a very low quantity but very high quality yield. The grapes are harvested by hand.

Once the grape reaches the winery, Gulfi Rossojbleo is vinified in stainless steel tanks with a short maceration at a controlled temperature. It then ages for 8 months. After bottling, it rests in the winery for a year before being sold.

Gulfi Rossojbleo is an organic red wine with the energy and vivacity of youth, made from Sicily’s most classic variety.