Eiko Fuji - Honkara Extra Dry Sake

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HonKara is an abbreviation for “Honjozo Karakuchi”, which is a classic type of sake. Honjozo’s are rich and robust. “Karakuchi” means it is dry. This HonKara is a wonderful representation of the style.

It has a light and silky mouthfeel, some marshmallow sweetness, and a crisp dry finish. It can be enjoyed chilled, at room temperature or gently warmed. Recommended food pairings include sushi, sashimi and salads. It also complements grilled meats.

Region: Yamagata
Grade: Honjozo
Seimaibuai: 60%
Nihonshudo: +10
Acidity: 1.1
Aminno Acidity: 1.0
Rice: Haenuki from Yamagata
Yeast: Association #10
Shubo Method: Kohon Tohka
Resting:: 7 Months
Pasteurization: Twice, Plate Heater